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After12th.net, we endeavor to keep expanding our community of active contributors, teachers, online educators, and academic institutions who wish to share their knowledge, experience, and insights about the topics that matter in the Indian education ecosystem.

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Why After12th.net is an ideal platform for sharing your thoughts?

After12th.net reaches over 1 million people every month. Your writing can easily reach a huge chunk of it.

Our readership is a diverse group of people, students from all classes, and folks from the education industry. You’ll reach the people who matter.

You’ll have your own author page on After12th.net, your articles will be SEO optimized, and very likely your articles will rank on the most competitive search queries in Google which will bring in more readers to your article over time.

Types of guest posts accepted by us

  • An article that has insights about a particular domain/industry in the academic ecosystem.
  • Generic topics providing value to the audience like Jobs, Government Competitive Exams, Entrance Exam, Self Growth, Personality Development, etc.
  • We accept articles, but they should not be promotional for a specific brand/company or promoting your own brand/company in any form.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

  • Ensure that the article is not in the form of a press release or meant for mass consumption or promotions.
  • An article shouldn’t be promoting any particular brand or the brands associated with the author directly or indirectly.
  • Articles must be shared in .doc or .docx format only.
  • Make sure the content is original (not plagiarized). In case we find that your article is plagiarized, your article won’t be published.
  • The article word length should be at least 900 words in Hindi.
  • Inculcate data and add proper references and link backs to the source.
  • If you want to include link backs to your website or blog then ensure that only 1 backlink is included.
  • Sub-divide the article using pointers and subheads to make it skimmable.
  • The article shouldn’t have been published on any other platform before submission to After12th.net.
  • After publication, the article is the sole property of After12th.net and it shouldn’t be republished elsewhere after that.
  • We may edit or modify your article a bit if we feel like any word, sentence or segment is not in sync with our niche.

How to Post with us?

You have to mail us your article at after12th.[email protected]. We will review and publish it within 24 hours.

You will be notified about the acceptance or rejection of your content. If not approved by us, you may publish your post wherever you want.