Last Updated: 07/06/2020

Privacy Policy


We completely value the privacy of our readers and thus maintain secrecy of their identity on the basis of how an individual uses our website. This page will set forth the privacy policies of our page.


The amount and type of information we collect about you, totally depends on the way in which you visit and use our website. Incase you are using our website only as a guest reader and you use our website only for downloading articles and documents to read them offline, you can use our website on a daily website without providing any personal information. The only information our server will collect is your domain’s address and means of your entry point to our website( your web browser and search engine mostly). We will also collect information like date and time when you visited the site along with the time duration for which you stayed in our website. It is to be made clear that most of the information will be used only for informational purposes and for improving the experience for our viewers.

Any personal information such as name, email, contact number or address is shared voluntarily. We use all these details only to respond to queries or questions, collaborate with individuals or to send newsletters to our viewers.We put all the required efforts to protect our user’s data from getting leaked. We don’t sell or share your personal information to third party and follow all  precautionary measures to protect any data leakage.


Cookies are small-sized files that are created and stored in a user’s hard drive whenever they visit any site. Cookies are also used to identify a returning visitor for any site which can be used to improve the user experience. The data is always stored in encrypted format. Cookies are also used to measure the activities understand the pattern of usage. It helps while viewing the analytics of our pages. Cookies are also used for the sake of saving passwords and auto filling forms of returning users thereby saving their time.

Every time a new visitor visits our site, a warning is generated from the browser prompting the message “this site uses cookies”. It’s totally up to you to accept that prompt or to deny the permission for storing cookies.


We do not collect information of children below 13 years of age. Neither do we endorse selling or sharing of their data.


This site contains links to external sites and pages which can redirect you to their landing pages. We are not responsible for the privacy policies or terms and conditions listed in any external website.


Any changes at any point of time in the terms or policies of the portal will be posted in the portal, informing all the visitors about the changes made. Any changes we make in the terms and conditions or the ways in which we use the information we collect will be communicated to the users in advance. If under any circumstances, we decide to use the personal data we collect in any different form than stated, we will ask for the user’s consent before proceeding. It’s totally up to you to grant, deny or revoke the access to your personal information at any point of time.


The visitor holds all the rights to unsubscribe from getting newsletters or mails from our side. You can simply click on ‘UNSUBSCRIBE’ to stop the service.


For any queries or post related questions, write to us directly at [email protected]