About Us

Welcome to After 12th, the number one career counseling portal, which provides information and guidance to the students of various age groups and streams and helps them in selecting a favorable and suitable career for themselves, on the basis of their areas of interest.

We strongly believe that every sector has sufficient opportunities and with proper guidance and knowledge about the field, one can easily achieve success. 

After 12th was started by Mr. Deepak Kumar in 2018 as a part-time blog with the aim of helping the students in various fields to decide a suitable stream of careers after they finish their schooling. With passing time Mr. Deepak took this as a full-time career option and left his previous job to dedicate his whole time for the betterment of students by improving the content quality and information provided in the blog.

We provide complete information about possible careers, success rates, competition exams, and preparation processes for various exams along with free preparation guides for various subjects. We aim to reach out to the maximum number of students across the country so that we can help them in choosing the right career for themselves.

We aim to develop separate sections for separate subjects so that we can provide in-depth guidance to our readers. We hope that you will find this website helpful in selecting your career and become a successful person in your life. We update our content frequently according to the trends and the changing coursewares or patterns of various subjects and competitive exams.